I am so excited you're viewing my page right now! I am Carla Corriher, the owner of Carla Eve Photography. I have been a photographer for a little over two years now, and fall more and more in love with my passion everyday. I have had the privelage of working with some amazing photographers like Tracy Sweeney, in Bristol, Rhode Island, as well as Katie Myrick, in Elizabath City, North Carolina. I am always looking to take workshops to perfect my skills and learn new techniques. I am the mother of two beautiful, bubbly children. My daughter Addison, 3, and my son Mason, 2. My children were my inspiration and drive to start my photography career. I love capturing memories of them, and it made me want to bring something to the Lenoir area that offers something new and different. My photography style is bright and airy. My new studio is opening in early June 2016, and I'm going ga ga over all of the AMAZING natural light I"m about to have!! I love that I am able provide beautiful, timeless outfits and accessories for your children to wear during their session. It's like classic glamor shots! I enjoy working with families and children to capture memories and look so forward to working with you.